Mixing Colours

Red, blue, and yellow , are known as the primary colors. These colours cannot be made by mixing other colours together.
If you mix two primary colors together, you create what is called a secondary color. Mixing blue and red creates purple; red and yellow make orange; yellow and blue make green.
If you add white to a color you lighten that colour and if you add black you darken it.
Whilst mixing colours children will explores colours created by mixing different materials. Their vocabulary will be extended by learning the names for different shades and tints they acquire. The children will be encouraged to get creative with their own colour experiments


Black & White

We connected white and black – we got grey /View more.../

mou.png bl1c.jpg mou2.jpg mouse.jpg


Mixing of the colour red and yellow to make orange (View movie...)

Adventures of a Carnation

An experiment with a carnation was made where the children observed how the flower changed colour. Water and red food colouring where mixed and the carnation was inserted in the water. After some hours changes took place.

View : Adventures of a Carnation

Pt3300005.JPG Pt3300007.JPG Pt4020044.JPG t4030120.JPG

Red and White make pink

A healthy and delicious drink was prepared by the children. They observed the changes in the colour of the milk.

View: Red and white make pink

Pt5090140.JPG t111.jpg Picture133t.jpg Picturet12.jpg

Making pink milk

Blue and yellow make green


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