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‘Colours of Life’ Evaluation Points

Hold school meetings with parents to describe the project.
Involve the parents in the project.
Describe the project to teacher colleagues.

Teachers from partner school:

Keep regular contact with emails.
Meet the deadlines that are set.
Share pedagogical issues
Discuss lesson plans.
Keep wikispace up to date
Organized ‘Fun colour days’ across the partner schools
Organize Video conferencing on set dates
Share Presentations about colours in local environment
Share Presentations about colours of local food
Share video clips of children singing songs with the topic colours
Apply for Quality Label

The students:

Children acquire observation skills.
Learn to appreciate the environment.
Learn to protect natural resources.
Children acquire knowledge and understanding of the world
The children are creative and discover the link between shape, form and colour.
Healthy eating issues are covered.
Children become aware of different European cultures.
Children share ecards
Children acquire new language skills in their own language and partners’ languages
Children acquire computer skills
Children can choose a favourite colour
Children can mix colours
Children are motivated and have fun

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