Playing with colours - WHITE- GREY-BLACK

- Experimenting with colours to obtain different shades of grey.
- Painting on various factures and colours of paper.
- Recognition of geometric figures.
- Creating compositions, pictures.
- Learning of contrast principle.

We prepared white and black backgrounds and geometric figures. Children make compositions and title them.

bl1.jpg bl.jpg

Children titled their works:
1. Fabulous house
2. Doghouse on wheels
3. Cosmic vehicles
4. House in the forest


We made a theatre of shadows.

bl2.jpg bl2a.jpg

We connected white and black – we got grey. You can get an interesting effect by painting with grey paint on black sheet. The boy painted „ The winter landscape”.
sz1.jpg sz.jpg

We coloured surface of white sheet by pencil.
We got grey background like that.We rub out figures to finish picture – „Meadow with flowers”.

bl3.jpg bl3a.jpg

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